Quality Healthcare is one of the most important factor which decides how individuals perceive their quality of life. However there is a constant change in healthcare, be it an innovative treatment, new financing constraints, or a growing focus on the health of populations.

Medetalks aims at creating new horizons in meeting the needs of health care professionals. Our next event MelanoSite MedeTalks 2018 is scheduled on 26th January 2018  at The Lalit Asok Bangalore.



MelanoSite MedeTalks 2018 offers unique opportunities to learn the latest improvement and ideas in healthcare & connect with like-minded colleagues. Medetalks provides the best Opportunity to meet and network with the most efficient health care professionals of India.

Keynote Address : By  Dr.Girdhar J. Gyani

Dr.Girdhar J. Gyani addresses the topic – “QUALITY INNOVATION FOR SUPERIOR PATIENT CARE  “

Being Known as the Quality Man of India, Dr.Girdhar J. Gyani is the apt person to speak on Quality Assurance in healthcare. Dr.Giridhar Gyani is one of the most prominent personality attending the MelanoSite Medetalks 2018.

dr girdhar j gyani


This probably is a great opportunity for healthcare professionals and  leaders to connect with the Doyen of Quality Initiative in India, listen to his experiences, and learn more about key initiatives on building quality processes.

Dr.Girdhar J. Gyani  has taken resilient efforts to plug the gaps in quality thereby saving lives, increasing cost benefit and efficiency of medical service. He is credited for setting up National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare providers (NABH) and is currently presiding as its CEO. It will be magnificent treat for the new buds in healthcare sector to attend his speech.

An Insight to the Topic : Quality improvement in Healthcare Sector

In comparison with the corporate sector, establishing and maintaining a model of quality in healthcare sector is a monumental task, because of the very nature of the healthcare service which predominantly is based on ethos. Maintaining quality in healthcare becomes a cumbersome task because healthcare service  depends on several factors such as the health condition of the patient, their financial background  & the level of service the hospital is able to provide, alacrity of response by medical practitioners to a worsening situation of a patient etc.

To address this abnormality Institute of Medical Science has come up with a framework that constitutes of six domains of healthcare quality with the person who receives healthcare service in mind.

  •     Safety of patient
  •     Effective Service based on knowledge
  •     Service that is patient centred
  •     Timely response
  •     Efficient response
  •     Equitable service

Thus implementing a process by applying these fundamental standards for measuring service quality in healthcare sector the effectiveness, cost benefits and efficiency could be achieved. Along with these measures six sigma, lean, root cause analysis, plan-DO-study-act were also implemented for process improvement achieving maximum efficiency.


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