Making the business of healthcare healthy by Mr. P. Neelakanan

With a vision to bring together all healthcare workers, hospital managers and digital marketers Medetalks in conjunction with Anvita Tours2Health is holding this conference on the 26th of January 2018 in Lalit Asok Bangalore. Through this conference we aim to provide a better understanding of healthcare management and digital marketing.

Mr. P. Neelakanan:
Mr. P. Neelakanan is the COO of the prestigious KIMS University, Trivandrum. He has been striving to establish quality care in hospitals and also to make the hassles involved in healthcare nullified through his various efforts, thus to make the business of healthcare a healthy one.


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Making the business of healthcare healthy:
There is no doubt that Indian healthcare system has evolved ten-folds over the last few years, yet there are certain barriers when it comes to hospital management where we can make things simpler for patients and their attenders.
It is no joke to reduce the costs in the healthcare system and still provide quality care.
Mr. P. Neelakanan will throw more light to this issue during the conference.


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